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The original production run of the Cobra sports car began at Carroll Shelby's Los Angeles workshop in 1962 and lasted until 1967. With his agreements in place with the UK's AC Cars and Ford Motor Company, Shelby combined AC's aluminum-bodied Ace sports car with Ford's V8 engines to produce the Cobra. The Cobra allowed Shelby to build and market a sports car for the street and race track that could compete with contemporaries such as the Corvette. Cobras were first equipped with Ford's 260 cubic-inch V8 before upgrading to the high-performance 289 cubic-inch engine. Later production models were powered by Ford's 427 cubic-inch and 428 cubic-inch engines.


The Shelby Cobra's popularity among enthusiasts has never waned since its inception. It is one of the most sought-after and recognizable sports cars of all time, and perhaps the most copied and reproduced as well. 


Black print on a Silver 100% cotton shirt.

Shelby Cobra Dashboard T-Shirt

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