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 Why we love what we do

T-shirts on Hangers

Cars. Lots and lots of cars over the years. Old cars. New cars. Foreign & domestic. Cars we dreamed about owning, cars we actually bought. Cars we wished we’d kept. Cars we hope to own when the time is right…that’s the story of just about every car enthusiast/car nut/gearhead, and if you’re viewing our site, you or someone you know probably can relate, and we’re right there with you!

Our dads were mechanics so we grew up around all things with wheels – cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, go-carts, bicycles. Mostly Studebakers, Cadillacs, Kaisers (look ‘em up!), Chryslers. Some already classics, some not so much. Some we didn’t appreciate as little kids but now look at fondly when we see them on the road or at car shows. Our first cars weren’t classic or collectible in their time…a Ford Pinto and a Toyota Supra, respectively. Years went by, more cars came and went – Pontiacs, Chevelles, El Caminos, more Cadillacs, and Toyotas…so many we’ve lost count! Between us, we have over 70 years combined of car experience – one as a well-respected professional car builder, restorer, and mechanic starting at the age of 12 and continuing today, and the other with enough skill to wrench her way out of car trouble since being taught how to do basic car care from the time she could hold a wrench.

Why Car Guy Clothing?

So many cars, not enough time. Or garage space. With shirts by Car Guy Clothing, this problem is solved.

We realized clothing was a way to own and show off cars we love that could be shared with everyone. Our designs are subtle, creative, and in some cases, thought-provoking. Our designers love cars as much as we do and bring a wide array of style and variety that all levels of car enthusiasts can appreciate! We are constantly thinking up new designs and adding them to our site.

BR Design Lab - Exclusives for Car Guy Clothing

In 2018 we were proud to partner with BR Design Lab on an exclusive line of shirts that are truly unique. Look for more designs from them in our store soon.

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