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Saddleback Park opened in 1967 and was billed as 'Southern California's Finest Motorcycle Playground'. Located in Orange County, it was considered the premier motocross park in the United States and it set the example for other parks to follow. Saddleback Park was situated on over 600 acres in the Irvine hills and offered 75 miles of scenic trails. With obstacles such as Suicide Mountain, Banzai Hill, the Matterhorn, and the Wedge, it attracted the best professional and recreational riders from across the country and from around the world while hosting numerous national and international competitions. Under pressure by lawsuits stemming from rider accidents, Saddleback Park could no longer afford its liability insurance and was permanently closed in 1984.


Multi-color print on a Olive 100% cotton shirt.

Saddleback Park Motor Playground motocross T-shirt


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