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Mark Donohue piloted his #6 AMC Javelin Trans-Am to a second victory of the season at Road America in Wisconsin during the 1970 Trans-American series manufacturer's championship. Powering the Javelin was a V8 engine built by TRACO Engineering in Culver City, California that displaced 304 cubic-inches (5-liters) and produced around 430 horsepower.

Donohue and team owner Roger Penske won three races during the 1970 season in the over-2-liter class, giving American Motors Corporation its first taste of victory in Trans-Am competition and second place in the championship behind Ford Motor Company. This was a promising start to Donohue and Penske's new partnership with AMC as they went on to dominate the following year by winning seven races and the championship.

The 1970 season of the Trans-Am championship in the over-2-liter class marked the height of the Pony Car Wars and is highly regarded in American motorsports history, with every major American automobile manufacturer competing against one another: American Motors, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.

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AMC Javelin 1970 Trans-Am Road America race winner T-Shirt

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