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Introduced in 1969, Datsun/Nissan's Z-car set the benchmark for stylish, reliable, and affordable Japanese sports cars. Produced until 1973 with a very limited run of 420 cars, the Fairlady Z 432 was the high-performance variant in the lineup and was sold in Japan only.

What makes the Fairlady Z 432 special is the engine it shares with the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R. The legendary S20 inline six-cylinder engine is naturally aspirated, displaces 2 liters, and produces 160 horsepower and 130 pounds-per-foot of torque. It features pent roof combustion chambers in the cross-flow cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder, 3 side-draft carburetors, and 2 overhead camshafts, hence the '432' designation. Rounding out the driveline is a close-ratio 5-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential.


Black print on a Lake Blue 100% cotton shirt.

Also available in Silver:

Datsun/Nissan Fairlady Z 432 sports car Unisex T-shirt Lake Blue

  • Unisex, 100% cotton shirt

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